Company: Lake Shore Boat Top Company, Inc.

Project Details

Name: “Eliminate the Seams”
Entry: 2304
Location: Detroit, MI

Project Description

We used Stamoid Top White and 60-mil Strataglass to provide a rigid track-to-track enclosure. All view lines, zipper breaks and cover flap pickup lines from the boat inside and out had to provide a sleek appearance. We changed the enclosure from a five-section window set to three panels to avoid any visibility issues with zipper breaks. The view line of the glass was raised so it was in line with the inside hard top rails, and zippers were put on the bottom of the windows and up the arch so it would be easy to install and remove. Patterning with an aftermarket hard top was very difficult, especially for the windows on the top edge where awning molding PVC track was installed. We also stitched small pieces of screen onto keder welt to allow us to pin our templates in areas that were not accessible.


Designer: Rob Kotowski & Bob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Company, Inc.
Fabricator: Rob Kotowski, Bob Kotowski & Gregory Phillips, Lake Shore Boat Top Company, Inc.
Project Manager: Rob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Company, Inc.
Installers: Rob Kotowski, Gregory Phillips, Nick Featherstone, Lake Shore Boat Top Company, Inc.


  • Stamoid by Serge Ferrari North America Inc. from Trivantage LLC
  • Strataglass by Strataglass LLC from J Ennis Fabrics
  • YKK by YKK USA from Trivantage LLC
  • Tenera Thread by W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. from Trivantage LLC