Company: Canvas Designers, Inc.

Project Details

Name: Slight Edge – Upholstery
Entry: 2710
Location: Riviera Beach, Florida

Project Description

The customer wanted a new look that would make the boat stand out. We recovered the mezzanine cushions, flybridge cushions, fabricated a new mezzanine jump seat, arm rest caddies, cup caddies and a drop-in back rest. The boat was some 60 miles away in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and the customer was in Houston, Texas. Approvals were done via email and phone calls. The crew had to travel to Fort Lauderdale to pattern the boat, while samples of materials were sent to the customer for approval. We created a two-tone look, recovering the cushions and also making new cushions using EZ-Dri foam and Buckskin Ultra Leather Brisa Distressed Outdoor. The drink caddies and the drop-in headrest were made with a single-color Ultra Leather Brisa Distressed Outdoor.


Engineer: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Designer: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Architect: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Fabricator: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Project Manager: Canvas Designers, Inc.


Ultraleather by Ultra Fabrics LLC from Seafarer Canvas