Company: Canvas Designers, Inc.

Project Details

Name: 2410: Slight Edge – Enclosure
Location: Riviera Beach, Florida

Project Description

The old enclosure was worn and the glass was dull and damaged. The boat was located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and the customer was in Houston, Texas. Approvals were done via email and phone calls. We made and installed a three-sided, five-panel standard EZ2CY enclosure built to the aft edge of the helm with three vents forward in the upper border.


Engineer: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Designer: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Architect: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Fabricator: Canvas Designers, Inc.
Project Manager: Canvas Designers, Inc. 


  • EZ2CY by EZ2CY
  • Stamoid by Ferrari S.A.