Company: David's Custom Trimmers

Project Details

Name: 53 Jenneau
Location: Queensland, Australia

Project Description

The owner of this Jenneau 53 yacht wanted a flowing dodger and bimini combination to color match the gel coat with good winch clearance and access to the helm around the side of the bimini. He also wanted a flowing dodger, bimini and link sheets to create a sheltered area in the cockpit. He required access to the helm area around the outside of the bimini, 360-degree winch clearance, and as much room between the dodger and bimini as possible. It also had to have removable dodger clears, and the color could not look like an add-on. The client also wanted removable and interchangeable clears and meshes to complete the enclosure.


Designer: Dave Elliott, Aaron Stumer, Kieran Jones, Glenn McDonnell
Fabricators: Molly Fitzpatrick, Cindy Boersema, The Nautical Needle
Project Manager: Dave Elliott
Installer: Dave Elliott, Aaron Stumer, Kieran Jones, Glenn McDonnell


  • Stamoid-Bainbridge International Inc.
  • Makrolon
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Stamoid Open-Bainbridge International Inc.