Company: Canvas Designers Inc.

Project Details

Name: Caryali Custom Sofa
Entry: 2600
Location: Riviera Beach, Florida
Awards: Award of Excellence AND Award of Distinction – Upholstery

Project Description

The customer wanted a large sofa with storage under the seats and in the arm rests for his 72-foot Merritt Sport Fish. We designed the sofa, Merritt built the frame, and we engineered the upholstery. For the horizontal channels, we developed separate pockets for the foam, and installed zippers for each channel to hold the foam and to accentuate the shape. The entire seat and back are on hydraulic hinges, which lift up for storage space.


Engineer: Canvas Designers Inc.
Designer: Canvas Designers Inc.
Architect: Canvas Designers Inc.
Fabricator: Canvas Designers Inc.
Subcontractor: Merritt Boats
Project Manager: Canvas Designers Inc.
Installer: Canvas Designers Inc.


White & gray real Italian leather from Customer Supplied