Company: David's Custom Trimmers

Project Details

Name: Bagged Yacht Awnings
Location: Queensland, Australia

Project Description

Lightweight awnings to be used separately or together to protect the customers and boat from sun and weather. Two “bagged awnings” are attached to the boom and feature three positions: completely rolled up, rolled out half way for partial protection, and rolled down completely. A front “V awning” runs forward of the mast to the bow and two link-removable link sheets fill the gap. The owners also wanted an area that created shade and waterproofing. We created a set of bagged awnings that roll up very small, are versatile so only one side can be deployed depending on sun direction, and the side portion of the main awnings rolls up to create a flat shaded area.


Designer: Dave Elliott, David’s Custom Trimmers
Fabricators: Dave Elliott, Aaron Stumer, Kieran Jones, Glenn McDonnell
Project Manager: Dave Elliott
Installer: Dave Elliott, Aaron Stumer, Kieran Jones, Glenn McDonnell


Stamoid Light-Bainbridge International Inc.