Company: Racine Design, Inc.

Project Details

Name: Project 1
Entry: 2714
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Project Description

The customer wanted a new look to his boat. He did not want a factory look. He used the boat frequently and wanted something durable and easy to maintain. We also added foam to the sun pad and the bow cushion for more comfort. The project included completely new upholstery with new design to match new graphics on the outside. It started as new graphics on the sun pad and bow cushion. The rest of the boat was going to have subtle color changes. As the project moved forward, the customer began to make changes, requesting that all of the cushions have more detail. Every cushion had to have a color sketch emailed to him for approval. Some of the cushions had to be completed and installed before we could start others so we could line up stripes or graphics. The amount of pieces and the design itself took considerable time and thought to map it all out. The customer was delighted with the end result and was excited about showing it off to his friends. He later installed LED lighting.


Designer: Carol Racine
Fabricator: Carol Racine
Project Manager: Carol Racine


  • Enduratex from The Miami Corp.
  • Shock by Morbern Inc. from The Miami Corp.